PSYCOLORGY (Gimmicks and Online instructions) by Luca Volpe, Paul McCaig and Alan Wong - Trick

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Following the great success of the TBC Box 2.0, Luca Volpe, Paul McCaig and Alan Wong are proud to present their take on a classic of magic and mentalism... PSYCOLORGY

Based on an original idea by Edwin Hooper, and separately marketed by Sam Dalal with a different feature, this routine has now been completely re-imagined, adding a new layer of deception, which may even fool magicians!

Imagine this:

Five different color velvet bags are shown placed opening end-down completely covering five drinking glasses. The audience is informed that one of the bags secretly contains a high denomination banknote. Despite the best efforts and completely free choice of up to four separate participants, the performer is left with the one bag and glass containing the prize money from the very start.

No equivoque, 100% sure-fire every time, and for the first time with this effect, all five bags can be turned completely inside-out afterwards and shown to be completely empty!

Each bag is individually handmade and expertly gimmicked and includes a magnetically locking closure which completely hides the methodology. The mechanics will always be under the full control of the performer, allowing them to focus purely on the presentation!

As with all our previous 'Professional Line' releases, PSYCOLORGY includes all of the top-quality professional props required to perform this classic routine. All stored in a durable zip lock bag, so that you can easily carry it with you and perform it anywhere where five glasses are available to borrow!

Includes a download video link to presentational ideas and handling tips.

"A very visual and fun mentalism routine! This will go straight in my repertoire!"
- Keith Barry

"An easy to understand plot, with simple colorful props and it's easy to do! Is fantastic opener, ideal for magician or mentalist. This has everything I look for in a routine. I wish I had thought of it!"
- John Morton

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