PRESTIGE 2.0 (No Elastics) by Sergey Koller & Hide- Trick

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Everyone asking about this... So now we proudly introduce PRESTIGE 2.0 Non-Elastic, big changes:
  • Thread never break! System works on gravity
  • Quality of flaps, papers and plastic sleeves is better!
Three years of manufacture upgrade this trick If you are not familiar with the original prestige, here are couple quotes about it:

"It's clever, it has so many possibilities!"
- Kevin James

"I'm glad I bought it and will use it"
- Jeff Hobson

"Already implemented this in my shows and it kills!"
- Kevin Li

"One of the best tricks of the year!"
- Les French Twins

Prestige is bestseller of 2021 year! The possibilities are incredible, it can used for comedy magic, evoke emotional responses or anything else. Some possible routines:

You ask a participant to choose the future for the world by displaying 5 boards with five numbers on it. The participant makes their selection, and you reveal to the audience what they selected which reads "PEACE," which is good thing of course.
The full appreciate of the spectator's chosen word is not fully appreciated until the revelation of all the other numbers reads "WAR." This is a gifted spectator that knows something about knowing the right choice.... But remember the spectator nor the audience never was able to see the words written until "AFTER" the spectator makes his selection! 

If desired, you can also perform the effect with all the number off of the boards. You can use either the supplied plastic holders (which gives you an additional effect with the numbers) or any holder at all such as notebook holder. Or if you wish you can simply put the cards next to any object on your table. You can make any single card change, whether they are in the foldable clear plastic holder or on the table next to an object!

P.S This version is not erasable!

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