Predicto (Terror) by Jonathan Sadowski - Trick

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Jonathan Sadowski is BACK with another edition of the best-selling Predicto! This time it is the TERROR edition!

You show a stack of classic scary movie characters (Godzilla, Jaws, The Mummy, Wolfman etc...) and your spectator picks one! You have a prediction envelope on the table that does not leave their sight. You get the prediction wrong, yet you have a second prediction in the envelope...also wrong!

What!? This happens two more times! Then each prediction card is flipped over to reveal the correct monster!

It is SO GREAT and SO EASY and CAN BE REPEATED with a different outcome!

Comes with all the full color gimmicks and cards and complete video routine!

This is perfect for walk around magic and is the IDEAL trick for Halloween. Unless you are a horror movie buff, then this works year-round!

Jonathan was not only in the movie Friday the 13th but LOVES all things scary and this is a routine he has been doing for months and performs it on a regular basis at Horror/Thriller/Slasher conventions while he is signing autographs!

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