Predicto (Superhero) by Jonathan Sadowski - Trick

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This is the FIRST commercial release by actor & magician Jonathan Sadowski! It is SUCH a great and fun prediction trick! There are ONLY 500 of these sets available!

Predicto by Jonathan Sadowski - Version 1

You show a stack of different names of Superheroes that your nephew (or whomever you decide to use in your patter) wrote in crayon. There is a prediction in an envelope that remains in view the ENTIRE time. Face down, a superhero card is chosen and looked at by ONLY the spectator.

You open the envelope to show your guess... and are wrong! What!!?

But you have a second prediction in the envelope...also wrong. Your guesses three and four are also incorrect! You ask for the name of the superhero and you flip over each one of your incorrect guess and the make up a BIG HAND DRAWN PICTURE of the CHOSEN SUPERHERO!

This is so good and clean! Although we don't even recommend repeating a trick, you can repeat it with a different outcome!

It resets the second you are finished!

There are NO moves, no rough and smooth, no Svengali and NO sleight of hand!

Comes with everything you need, even the prediction envelope with video instructions by Jonathan Sadowski!

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