Pr3miere (Premiere) by Nikolas Mavresis and David Jonathan (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) - Trick

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"A brilliant mixture of methods, revelations and a beautiful kicker ending. I would do this in any of my shows in a heartbeat."
- Marc Spelmann (X)

"I have never been so fooled. This is an incredibly practical routine that is so easy to do and really clever. I always knew combining the minds of Nikolas Mavresis & David Jonathan would create something fantastic, but I couldn't have imagined it would be this good. This is going straight into my act and staying there!"
- Craig Petty

PR3MIERE is a stunning, multi-phased, blockbuster routine from the dynamic duo Nikolas Mavresis and David Jonathan. Inspired by their love of cinema, this is a stunning movie-themed effect with an equally ingenious method.

Five envelopes depicting different genres of film are displayed and mixed. A participant freely selects any oneand peeks at the movie poster that is inside - let's say it's 8 Mile.

The five envelopes are now laid out in a row and five tokens are introduced. These are placed on top of each envelope in any order they choose. The movie posters are then tipped out of the envelopes and the tokens are slowly turned over one at a time. Amazingly, on the back of every token is a different number that directly correlates to the film it was paired with - a perfect match!

Just like every great film, the finale has a surprise twist ending that leaves the audience's jaws dropped. The numbers on the tokens are rotated around to now resemble letters that come together to spell 8 Mile - the exactfilm they had selected at the start! It's an Oscar-worthy final display that truly leaves spectators in awe.

  • A multi-layered method with high quality, custom engineered props that do the work for you
  • The tokens can be examined by your audience
  • Very easy to do with zero sleight of hand, allowing you to focus solely on your presentation
  • Beautiful custom movie artwork of well-known classic films designed by Phill Smith
  • Multiple versions taught in detail
  • Perfect for close up, parlour or even stage - this is a memorable routine that you can drop straight into your show

  • PR3MIERE takes movie-themed magic and mentalism to new heights, so grab your popcorn and enjoy this box office smash!

    "Fantastic! Such a clever blending of methods and a very commercial routine. I love the surprise ending -brilliant thinking!"
    - Marc Paul

    "This is GENIUS! Imagine the power of a stage mentalism routine but in a close up setting! It has multiple moments of surprise with a method that you will LOVE!"
    - Luca Volpe

    "As an avid movie fan, when I hear of a new fooling, commercial and entertaining piece of mentalism revolving around cinema as a theme, my ears prick up. When I saw the devious secret behind PR3MIERE, I got even more excited. Not only is it easy to do and very deceptive, it gives you the ability to create a "movie style" twist ending that audiences will never see coming. Excellent work, and highly recommended!!"
    - Dee Christopher

    "PR3MIERE is a highly commercial effect that combines a very clever mix of methods with a beautiful surprise kicker finish. I predict it will be a huge success!"
    - Michael Murray

    "A multi-phased mental effect by multi-talented inventors. I love PR3MIERE - it is brilliant, deceptive, has beautiful functional props and its several methods in play bring about a mind blowing conclusion. I will use this. Top recommendation."
    - Marc Salem

    "I love David & Nikolas' work and PR3MIERE is a perfect example of why. Clever methods paired with relatable plots make for strong commercial magic. I dig this one a lot!"
    - Adam Wilber

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