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With excellent magic props, magic fans or magicians can be more comfortable when they perform. However, sometimes the carrying or hiding of magic props is also a problem: there may be too many props inconvenient to find, there may be inconvenient to upload... So now, Bacon Magic Presents Portable Servante.

Magicians often have "hidden Spaces" in place for them to access or hide their props. However, in more open performances such as table hopper, street performance and impromptu stand-up performance, it is difficult for performers to obtain a large "hidden space". In these cases, magicians usually have to use their own pockets. But obviously, a bulging pocket will only arouse suspicion in the audience, let alone put your hand in your pocket...

Now, Portable Servante may solve these problems. It is made of high-quality fabric with magnetic strips embedded in the top and bottom. Before performing, you can simply use magnets or pins to set it as an "extended inner pocket" of clothing, from which you can more naturally and easily remove other props. Of course, its layout also allows you to place enough props neatly without making your clothes "out of place."

When you're not performing, you can fold it up with built-in magnets and use it as a small, easy-to-carry bag for everything from cards and coins to sponge balls.

Portable Servante is of moderate size, about 28cm long and 16cm wide, which can be easily rolled up or placed in the inner pocket of clothes. It is made of two high-quality fabrics, with exquisite workmanship and precise cutting, its outer layer and storage bag for flannelette, feel comfortable and smooth; The inner layer is canvas, strong and durable. Multiple elastic straps on the inner layer can also be used for props of different sizes. You can place your props according to your own preferences and needs.

Only includes the black cloth bag, other accessories such as playing cards are not included.

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