Portable Mystic Bag by Pang Meng & Bacon Magic - Trick

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  • Designed by professional magicians and tested through actual perform, the product is portable and not bulky.
  • It can be freely disassembled and combined according to needs, meeting the requirements of various occasions.
  • It is widely adapted to commonly used magic props.
When you stand on the stage or perform magic on the street, what you need is not only proficient skills and fascinating routines, but also those magic props that can meet your needs at any time. The Portable Mystic Bag helps you get rid of heavy storage boxes and provides you with a new generation of easy and reliable prop carrying solutions!

The Portable Mystic Bag is designed by magician Pang Meng and produced by Bacon Magic, aiming to provide professional magicians with truly useful magic prop carrying devices. Pang Meng has a wealth of performance experience. After countless thoughts and designs, and repeatedly summarizing the actual needs encountered in actual performances, he finally created this classic product that puts "practicality" first.

Appearance and Workmanship: The Portable Mystic Bag is designed in black, carefully sewn with lightweight and wear-resistant high-quality nylon, and matched with dark metal buckles, which not only gives a sense of texture, but also has excellent concealment. As soon as you get it, you can feel the full sincerity of this product.

Modular Design: The uniqueness of the Portable Mystic Bag lies in its modular design. Each set of Portable Mystic Bag includes a belt, two identical waist bags (one left and one right), and a front double-layer pocket. These parts can be disassembled or combined for use as needed, providing more flexibility and possibilities for your magic performance.

Front Pocket: The front pocket is divided into two layers. The outer pocket can adjust the opening arc, which is convenient for you to perform "uplift" and "downlift" actions, especially suitable for performing cups and balls routines. By adjusting the position of the buckle, you can move the outer pocket down to reveal the inner pocket with two pockets, which is convenient for placing lemons, baseballs, and other items needed at the end of the cups and balls routine. In addition, there are multiple D-rings on the pocket, which can be matched with carabiners (to be prepared by yourself) to fix props such as four-link rings and pullers.

Side Waist Bag: The waist bag design of the Portable Mystic Bag is clever and practical. The inside is an open pocket, with multiple elastic band fixed positions inside, which is convenient for fixing markers, thumb sets, single coins, sponge balls and other small props. You can adjust the opening size through the buckle, which is convenient for storing and taking out larger props such as playing cards, and can even be used to change pigeons. The outside of the waist bag is a zippered pocket, which can safely store valuable props, so you don't have to worry about accidental drops. In addition, a single waist bag can also be removed, fixed with a pin on the inside of the suit, and serve as a hidden pocket function.

Whether in the cold winter or the scorching summer, whether it is street performance or along-table performance, the Portable Mystic Bag can let you go lightly, carry all the performance props with you, and easily access them anytime and anywhere. Let the Portable Mystic Bag become your powerful assistant in magic performance, break the shackles, and release magic freely!

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