Planetarium (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Manu Jo - Trick

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An astounding, visual revelation that fools and amazes magicians and lay audiences alike!

Once your spectator has chosen a card, you explain how the answer to discovering their card lies in the cosmos. With a smartphone in hand, you shine a light through a specially-crafted card with a bunch of holes punched in it, casting a random display of stars onto the wall. This haphazard array of stars then visually realigns into a unique revelation of their selected card.

You can immediately hand out the card for examination without any switches, leaving everyone stunned (especially your magician friends). This mind-bending illusion starts and ends clean. No matter what they do, they'll never be able to make the random array of stars come back. It will always show their card!

Brought to you by Vanishing Inc. and Manu Jo, "Planetarium" is a fun and unique effect that anyone can perform. It's easy to do, fits in your wallet, and can be used with any phone or flashlight. There are no flaps or moving parts you have to worry about breaking either.

This is the perfect routine for those who want something that feels larger than a normal card trick. With its instant reset and compact size, "Planetarium" is the ideal EDC for everyone from hobbyists to working pros.

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