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PITATA proudly presents: The PITATA Watch.

The Design Process

Many magic producers have released timepiece prediction effects. Some of these releases were quality items, but we still believed there was a lot of room for improvement.

Example #1: The hands on other watches always went clockwise to reach the desired time. Even the fastest version on the market could take as much as 30 seconds.

Example #2: The crowns on other magic watches do not have a direct magical function, and some cannot even be used to adjust the time.

In order to create the Perfect Prediction Watch that we had in mind, we decided to venture off the beaten path.

The dream was exhilarating, but we encountered formidable challenges in our attempt to integrate all the desired functions into a single watch.

The watch had to be designed from the ground up, including the chip and layout design. Even the physical shape of the crown, as well as the various adaptations of the gear wheels, had to be customized. In some cases, we had to create components specifically for this project since they did not exist before.

You will see the true power that time and technology brought to magic as they progressed. We invested a significant amount of time and energy into this project, and like many other invention stories, there were times when we thought it was impossible. But finally, we made it.

The whole team almost collapsed after numerous failures. This is undoubtedly our most difficult project, but also the one filled with the most breakthroughs and the proudest work we have done so far.

Five Historical Breakthroughs

1. It is the fastest in terms of setting the desired time.
The watch only takes a maximum of 2 seconds to reach the desired time. This is made possible by our unique asynchronous hand travel mechanism, which allows the hour and minute hands to travel independently to the target position via the shortest path.

2. It is the fastest watch to establish a connection.
The watch remains always on. Bluetooth is always active. This means it connects almost instantaneously when you launch the app or switch on the remote control.

3. It is the first watch ever to allow for a peek at the time.
The crown can be pulled out to adjust the time by a spectator. When the crown is pushed back in, the updated time will be transmitted to the PITATA App. The customized crown and electronic chip open up many more possibilities for magic.

4. It is the first ever watch to be incorporated into an IoT ecosystem.
PITATA IoT Function is our core technology. Any time that is written on any of PITATA's synchronized impression devices (Like the PITATA Smart WhiteBoard and PITATA Smart MemoPad) can be intelligently recognized by the PITATA App and the PITATA App automatically control and adjust the hands on the watch to the desired time.

5. It is the first ever dual-mode remote-controlled watch.
With a powerful Bluetooth chip, you can pair the same remote control as PITATA Time Hacker for basic operations. You can also experience unprecedented convenience and intelligent operations via the PITATA App. Both the remote control and the App can be paired simultaneously.

Its beautiful craftsmanship makes PITATA Watch like a High-End timepiece.

We hope that the PITATA Watch becomes a real classic.

We have spent tremendous effort on the design details of the PITATA Watch. Our hope is that the PITATA Watch meets the highest quality and fashion standards and that it will become one of your favorite tools.

After several design revisions, we finally decided on sapphire for the crystal. The dial incorporates several functions, and all are housed within a stainless-steel bezel and case. The watch is simple and minimalistic. A perfect fit for the elegant gentleman.

It comes with an embossed crocodile-pattern genuine leather strap which can be easily replaced to suit different styles.

  • Five historic breakthroughs, making PITATA's annual flagship product.
  • Fastest travel time, taking no more than two seconds to reach the desired time.
  • Featest connection, with the host unit and Bluetooth always on for fast pairing.
  • Using the app to peek at the time set by the audience.
  • Part of the PITATA IoT ecosystem, allowing for fully automatic operation.
  • Dual-mode control with remote control and app, which can be connected simultaneously.
  • Roughly 12 months of standby time.
  • Sapphire crystal, along with a stainless-steel body and bezel.
  • Replaceable leather watch strap.
  • Simple and minimalistic design, a perfect fit for the elegant gentleman.
  • Can function as a regular watch when not performing magic.
  • 3ATM limited waterproofing, providing protection from splashes such as rain, but not suitable for immersion in water, swimming, or sauna use.
  • 42mm diameter dial, paired with a genuine leather watch strap.
  • 1 x PITATA Watch
  • 1 x remote control
  • 1 x charging cable
  • Tutorial (8 routines)

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