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430 pages of cherished secrets from a beloved Las Vegas entertainer and magic's hardest-working dragon.

It's extremely rare that a working pro shares the secrets to their signature routines. When it comes to working pros who are also Las Vegas superstars, it is essentially unheard of. That all changes with Piff the Magic Book, a one-of-a-kind collaboration between Piff the Magic Dragon and Vanishing Inc.

Piff the Magic Dragon became a household name after his multiple appearances on Penn and Teller: Fool Us and his unforgettable journey to the finals on America's Got Talent. The latter also earned him his own show at The Flamingo Hotel, where he has been headlining nightly in the Piff the Magic Dragon Theater since 2015.

Piff the Magic Book offers an intimate and hilarious look at Piff's magic career, from his decision to become a magic dragon to landing a dream show in Las Vegas and, of course, the routines that helped him get there. In total, you'll learn 10 of Piff's favorite tricks.

Routines like Piff's Ring in Egg or the signed card to dog food effect that inspired Neil Patrick Harris to give Piff the Golden Buzzer on America's Got Talent. He even shares the signature effect he performed on his first *Fool Us* appearance and credits for skyrocketing his career. It's called "VDP" and it is an amazing and innovative transformation of a signed card into another card with the same signature.

There's so much more than just magic secrets in Piff the Magic Book though. Beyond the methods, Piff shares the captivating and quirky stories and thinking behind them. The chance to step inside the mind of a working Las Vegas Magician is one that any serious magician can't afford to pass up.

Vanishing Inc. is known for creating the best magic books in the industry and spared no expense on Piff the Magic Book. Everything is explained in crystal-clear detail with help from John Lovick and accompanied by a lavish amount of stunning photographs in this beautiful 430-page hardcover book.

Whether you're looking for some exciting new material or inspiration on how to be the best possible performer, every magician can benefit from reading Piff the Magic Book. Get your copy today!

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