Permanent Record (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Ben Seidman - Trick

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A mind-bending effect that alters reality in their hands. "Permanent Record" by Ben Seidman (creator of the bestselling effect "The Oracle System") and Vanishing Inc. is a jaw-dropping experience that will leave your audience questioning everything they know.

Without a doubt, the best way to get big reactions is by making magic happen in someone else's hands. "Permanent Record" not only allows you to do that, but it's almost unfair how easy it is to perform. A printed image changes in their hands, leaving them with an unforgettable memory.

You start by explaining how every deck of cards has a playing card printed on the box. Next, they are given the case to hold as they select a card from the pack. Your audience will lose their minds when they check the box again and see that the card printed on the box has transformed to match their selection.

The special gimmick and deck included with "Permanent Record" allow you to start performing this self-working miracle right away. In the nearly 1.5 hour video, Ben also shares how to perform "Permanent Record" with a normal deck and other bonus ways to use the gimmick to enhance routines you probably already do. You also get a devious secret that will improve your overall close-up magic, Dr. Jonathan Pickard's original, multi-phase "Ambideckstrous" handling and so much more.

You'll absolutely love performing "Permanent Record". It's a quick, easy, powerful effect that genuinely amazes everyone. Discover why Ben Seidman never leaves home without this in his pocket, and you shouldn't either.

"I love this"
- Asi Wind

"I'm in love with the practicality of the design. The change happens in the most organic way possible"
- Franco Pascali

"This is going straight into my, and everyone else's, strolling set. It's strong, fun, and super easy to do. I love it!"
- Chad Long

"This is A+ material for both professional and casual performances. On top of that, I can't believe Ben also included his CUPS technique as part of this release. It's not only dangerously good for 'Permanent Record', but nearly any close-up routine. That alone is worth the cost of the project."
- Bill herz

"Permanent Record is easy enough for beginners to fool their pals, but has enough interesting applications that professionals will be able to effectively add it to their repertoires. I like it!"
- Michael Close

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