PERFECT MATCH (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Vinny Sagoo - Trick

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Strike up the perfect match with the incredible self-working mentalism trick!


Several spectators grab a bunch of coloured matchsticks and remember how many they have.

They then shuffle a packet of cards.

You deal through the cards and each spectator remembers the card at their random number.

The spectators remove the card that they are merely thinking of.

You show that the red/blue colours on the backs match, which is somewhat of a good match.

However, when the cards are turned over, they are a PERFECT MATCH!

If you are a wedding magician, or someone that does wedding exhibitions, then you need to have this in your repertoire.

This is also perfect for the strolling magician, hobbyists and anyone that wants a SUPER strong mentalism effect that is completely self-working!
  • Easy to do
  • Self-working
  • Fully examinable
  • Everything included, plus spares
  • Highly recommended

"A fantastic little trick that will suit beginners up of all ages as self working and examinable. It really is very straightforward and easy to perform. The result being that you can focus on the presentation while feeling confident that you will perform without error."
- Martin Brophy (Magic Seats)

"The Perfect Match really is PERFECT! What's not to love about it?! The props are aesthetically pleasing, the routine is very strong yet stupidly easy to do AND it's perfect for couples and close friends! I'll be using this a LOT! The Perfect Match gets my highest recommendation!"
- Kev Mark (magician)

"Within a week of receiving The Perfect Match, I performed it at several events, and the reactions were fantastic! I absolutely love this effect and you will too."
- Bob Ellams (professional magician)

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