Perjury by Paul Carnazzo - Trick

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Perjury is a powerful two-phase mindreading routine that you can carry in your pocket at all times!

The Perjury card contains 24 different words. First, one participant mentally chooses a word and focuses on it. The performer immediately begins to reveal details of this word and miraculously reveals the mentally chosen word!

In phase two, a different word is mentally selected, but this time the participant is given the option to lie or tell the truth about some characteristics of the word. Incredibly, despite possibly being lied to, the performer is correctly able to determine whether the participant is lying or telling the truth and reveal the mentally selected word!

Both selections are completely free choices. Each phase uses a different method and presentation and can be used independently or together using one or two participants. Perjury combines well-known methods that have been expanded upon for this mind-blowing routine.

Note that the lie detection method used in Perjury is different from our other lie detector card, Detection.

The Perjury card Includes two bonus effects regarding symbols/shapes.

Includes one two-sided, 100% plastic poker-sized card and PDF instructions.

Please note that all the Mental Voyage mentalism cards contain various unique mentalism principles and methods that are easily adaptable for use in other effects/routines.

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