Perfectionism BLUE by AB & Star heart Presents - Trick

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Introducing a unique packet trick that the audience's free choice completes perfection!

The Perfectionism by AB, as the name of perfectionism suggests, is magic that the audience's free choice makes perfection.

Show the audience two packets that are cut in half.

The audience selects one card from each packet.

If you check the cards, the two selections are completely different and do not match each other.

But if you check the prediction card, it's magic with a surprising twist that perfectly matches the audience's free selections.

Everything you need is provided, and you can always carry it around and present it easily and practically.

Perfectionism information
  • Two sets of half-cut packets
  • The prediction gimmick card
  • Perfectionism packet wallet
  • Explanation video
Facts about Perfectionism
  • Easy to perform
  • No difficult techniques needed such as palms or switches
  • Everything used in the trick can be checked immediately
  • Very practical
  • Easy to carry in your pocket
  • Bicycle red and blue available.
  • Gimmick card is offered in different color.
  • Red: the packet is red, and the prediction card is blue
  • Blue: the packet is blue, and the prediction card is red

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