Penny Tube (Aluminum Gold) by Chazpro Magic - Trick

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PENNYTUBE - Gold Anodized Aluminum by CHAZPRO presented by magician Barry Taylor

New pocket trick, direct from the manufacturer, PennyTube. This is a clever variation on the standard coin tube. The basic effect is you separate the two halves of the tube and place a quarter in the center, then reassemble the tube. The quarter now blocks the center of the tube, so nothing can pass through the tube. You drop four pennies into the tube to show that they cannot pass through the center. Repeat and say the magic word and one coin passes through the tube! This is repeated with all four coins. With the PennyTube, you can not only make one coin pass through the tube, you can also make TWO coins pass through! This novel adaptation, increases the routine possibilities, and creates a climax that eludes other coin tube tricks.

Includes instructions.

Limited quantity.

Pennies not included.

Trademark purchased from Chazpro Inc. by The Magic Store and Santa Magic

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