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We are confident that the Pendulum Sharpie has elevated pendulum presentations to new heights, making it a powerful tool for mentalism routines.

Some things cannot be seen or heard but can only be felt, like the beating of your heart, the pull of gravity, and a mysterious guiding force.

PITATA Pendulum Sharpie - A Spiritual Guide to Real Miracles

Enjoy the trailer; it may be among the most captivating Magic and tech presentations you've ever witnessed

Design Concept and Background

Magicians often mention a sixth sense or intuition to perceive the unseen. However, convincing an audience of this effect's authenticity can be challenging. What if we could employ a process to amplify the effect, making it appear genuine? Perhaps a skill-based approach akin to hypnosis? This opens the door to exciting possibilities.

"Hypnosis, mediumship, guidance" - These concepts ultimately led to a common effect - the pendulum, which served as the driving inspiration behind UltraMANTIC's creation of the PITATA Pendulum Sharpie.


Mysterious Sensation - Discover a New Realm of Mental Magic

The PITATA Pendulum Sharpie, disguised as a Mini Sharpie, imparts a unique experience. As a spectator suspends the Sharpie like a pendulum, you're able to invoke a tingling sensation at any moment using a remote control. Unlike mere vibrations or thumping, this haptic sensation resembles a heartbeat or pulse - brief yet impactful, and entirely noiseless. With this ability, you can genuinely make your audience feel as though their intuition is at work, greatly enhancing your mentalism and hypnotic presentations.

Realistic Appearance - An Authentic Mini Sharpie for Writing

The PITATA Pendulum Sharpie looks just like a regular Mini Sharpie and doubles as an actual writing instrument. The pen body has no openings but conceals an embedded microelectronic mechanism that generates the haptic sensation of a heartbeat. The newly designed sleek and ergonomic remote control seamlessly adapts to your style and has robust signal transmission.

Integrated Design - As Portable as AirPods

To achieve this marvel and offer the same convenience as AirPods, we underwent rigorous optimization, involving six significant design iterations and numerous minor refinements. What you're about to witness is the culmination of our endeavors: the PITATA Pendulum Sharpie, composed of 16 meticulously crafted structural elements and approximately 20 individual components.

For an enhanced button feel and functionality in the remote control, UltraMANTIC has custom-designed a novel, compact remote control chip, only half the size of a standard one. It may be incredulous, but to attain the desired results for this product, all core components of the Pendulum Sharpie are custom-manufactured.

The outcome is an almost flawless fusion of artistry and engineering: the pendulum pen is compact, portable, and offers a seamless user experience. Its charging case features wireless charging and ink storage, mirroring the convenience of AirPods.
  • Placing the pen back into the charging case automatically powers it off and initiates charging.
  • For those who prefer not to charge, a double tap on the pen deactivates the charging case.
  • When you retrieve the pen, it powers on instantly, ready for use at any moment. A fully charged charging case yields 800 uses.
Size Matters - Pocket-Friendly

Smaller than a standard deck of cards, the PITATA Pendulum Sharpie effortlessly fits into your pocket, ensuring it's always within reach.

Gathering of China's Top Mentalists

To unlock its full potential, we enlisted top mentalists to create and refine 15 routines for the tutorial. Additionally, we've developed bonus ideas to help you maximize its utility, including strategies for achieving a 100% success rate. These effects encompass solo predictions, group predictions, mind reading, chair tests, hypnosis, and more.

The routines include:
  • The Matching Tarot
  • The Object Prediction
  • Impossible Sixth Sense
  • Magicians Choice
  • The One (One Card in Blank Deck)
  • Chair Test
  • Sion's Telepathy
  • Never Sign it (Money Roulette)
  • Gravity Test
  • Writing Test
  • Invisible Touch
  • X Eye
  • The Object Reading
  • The Clairvoyant
  • The Past, The Present, The Future.
  • Bonus: 100% Success Method
The value of the tutorial is worth the product itself.

Summary and Specifications
  • A brand new mental magic tool and effect.
  • The haptic sensation is unlike mere vibrations, evoking a heartbeat or pulse.
  • 15 routine effects by some of China's leading mentalists.
  • Authentically resembles a mini Sharpie, suitable for writing. Highly industrialized integrated storage design.
  • The charging case delivers 800 uses on a full charge.
  • Activates instantly when taken out and charges automatically when placed inside.
  • Ink within the charging case lasts over four days.
  • Straight-line signal distance of 8 meters.
  • Gimmick Sharpie: 17mm x 13mm
  • Charging case: 76mm x 50mm x 29mm
  • Remote controller: 41mm x 22mm x 22mm
  • 1x PITATA Pendulum Sharpie
  • 1x Remote controller
  • 1x Charging case
  • 1x Customized Tarot deck (78mm x 46 mm)
  • 1x Charging cable
  • 1x Accessory pack
The Pendulum Sharpie also INCLUDES a specially customized Tarot deck.

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