Pen Fairy by Way & HimitsuMagic

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Pen Fairy has a powerful design that gives you the freedom to control whether the viewer can write something with this pen. Under your control, the ink can be easily selected to write, and the following effects can be achieved.

First process The magician took out a blank post-it note (can be replaced by white paper everywhere), and wrote a lot of numbers on it. Ask the audience to get a circle behind the scene. The magician can know the number of the audience’s choice.

Second process The magician asked a group of viewers to take a piece of paper and draw a line of graphics on the back. Finally, the magician can draw the same graphic lines without seeing it.

Of course, these effects are just the tip of the iceberg. The fans have provided multiple processes. The development of this pen is too much. Pen Fairy has unlimited possibilities and does not need to use any techniques you know, such as With things like a bag, a thumb pen, you just need to carry your pen with you, you can perform miracles anytime, anywhere!

This is...Pen Fairy by Way & HimitsuMagic