Pathways to Mystery by Richard Osterlind - Book

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"There is probably not a mentalist alive who hasn't been influenced by Richard Osterlind!"

This was how Richard was introduced when he received the prestigious MindVention Lifetime Achievement award. The legacy continues with his new book, Pathways to Mystery!

Pathways to Mystery is everything you have come to love in Richard's works. It has great new effects, information on improving standard material, wonderful insights on stagecraft, deep dives into the philosophy of mentalism, and much more!

It is all here in this new book along with fascinating personal stories on how Richard has developed his thinking and has been able to stay at the top of his profession for over 50 years.

Some subjects covered are: how to enter the stage, how to finish your show to thunderous applause, how to develop your motivation for performing, and so much more. Richard also covers effects such as Stage Swami Opener, with all the details to make it work, a great new way to do the PATEO Force, and the secrets of how he became one of the top trade show workers with just a few sheets of paper!

This is only a fraction of what's here. These are some of Richard's newest developments and insights that you don't want to miss!

Like his other works, this is a book with no frills. Read each sentence carefully and you will be rewarded with gold! The chapter about being careful with what you say could mean the difference between success and failure in our demanding business.

Remember, this is professional advice of the kind that Richard talks about in his dynamic workshops. There are no pipe dreams here.

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