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The Paddle Move and Paddle-type magic have been popular for over a hundred years. Nonetheless, its development and applications are ever-changing, such as Color Changing Knives and Hot Rod.

Many more props and effects are using the Paddle Move as the core technique, for example, the Money Paddle, a classic, multi-phased, and organic effect.

After incorporating industrial design and reevaluating every detail, we have revamped the Money Paddle and now present - Paddle King.

The Paddle King incorporates multiple magic effects, including ring duplication, coin duplication, bill appearance and duplication, mirror appearance and vanish, ink transposition, and other effects, all in one compact paddle.

The structure and aesthetics have also been completely redesigned, with a perfectly logical kicker ending - you can display the mirrors on both sides genuinely.

Not only does this enable the props to be fully examinable at the end of your routine, but also provides a smooth transition to the ink transposition routine.

Let's take a look at this feast for your eyes:

The Paddle King is crafted from North American black walnut. The mirror is finished with high-quality safe edges. It is compatible with common coin sizes, up to American half-dollars.

For easy handling, the handle has been hand-polished with rounded corners, which perfectly camouflages the paddle move; a 3mm deep groove is added to the main body of the paddle, making it easier to insert accessories required such as coins and rings; there is a one-way triangle design at the bottom of the handle for you to better indicate the direction of the paddle.

We also prepare an elegant custom storage bag, made from high-quality black microfiber leather, which is convenient for storing everything you need to perform.

The Paddle King is compact and exquisite, and it feels comfortable to handle, however, the journey was not an easy one. From the design of the main body to the rubber bands and the storage bag, Mr. Shaobo has designed nearly 50 different prototypes.

Every detail that may affect the handling and effect has been fully considered.

  • Paddle 168mm × 39mm ×8mm
  • Storage bag 187mm × 67mm × 16mm
  • Paddle 35g
  • Storage bag 33g
  • After 50 prototypes, this may be one of the best Paddles you have ever seen
  • Object duplication, ink transposition as well as other effects, all contained in one prop (coins, bills and rings not included)
  • Made of North American black walnut
  • The mirror is finished with high-quality safe edges
  • Customized micro fiber leather storage bag
  • Paddle ×1 (with a mirror on one side)
  • Colored rubber bands ×4 (four of each color)
  • Attachable mirror ×1
  • Custom storage bag ×1

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