NYC Three Shell Game

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Taken from the streets on New York City and brought to your professional table, this is the Golden New York City Three Shell Game. This set is made up of high quality metal and gold color, which makes this set professional, unique, design and a strong effect.

Not to mention, it's easy to do sleight of hand, can be performed anytime, anywhere, and surrounded 360 degrees.
An instruction DVD is included.
Here's what happens: 
The performer takes out three golden shells, puts a small ball in one shell, mixes them, then lets the spectator guess where the ball is.
The spectator will guess wrong every time.
Finally, the ball will vanish and appear from nowhere or magically penetrate a glass!
A trick born from the streets now has a new routine that will leave your spectators stunned.
3 Golden Shells
3 Small Green Balls