Vortex Magic Presents THE NO CHAIR CHAIR TEST - by Paul Romhany - Trick

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Vortex Magic presents Paul Romhany's NO CHAIR CHAIR TEST

After almost two decades of fine-tuning and re-working his chair test Paul Romhany finally releases his personal favorite NO CHAIR CHAIR TEST. Imagine a stand-up routine that can play under any condition and in any venue. From an intimate house party to a full theatre show. Paul has performed this under every condition imaginable and it continues to be his opening routine. Actually - his original CHAIR TEST just got better!

This version uses a special gimmick that does ALL the work and really does allow the spectators a FREE choice of any one of FOUR envelopes. Remember they have a FREE choice!! Paul has also designed a special book test just for this routine which allows you to now do a killer kicker ending. It is designed to work under any condition, pack small and play BIG!

There are SO many different variations you can do with this and included is the original Chair Test routine which includes the BANK NIGHT addition.

For the ultimate routine you could perform BANK NIGHT, NO CHAIR TEST and finish with the BOOK TEST revelation. It all depends on your venue and how much of the routine you want to perform.


The performer shows a book called, "Influence & Intuition" and has a spectator think of a word. Four envelopes are shown, and each person gets a FREE choice of any envelope. The final envelope is left for the performer. Each person opens their envelope to find a color piece of paper inside, and inside the performer's envelope is a piece of paper which predicts EXACTLY which spectator will choose which color!

THE KICKER ENDING: The spectator is asked what word they were thinking of, and they turn their lanyards around to display the thought of word! This is a KILLER of an ending than gets gasps from any audience.

BONUS: Included with the updated tutorial is the original download which shows even more variations and ways to perform this. It will become your GO TO routine for every show you do!

The bonus will show you how to perform a Bank Night routine where the performer ends up with the only envelope containing money, plus the no chair-test finale and the book test. You will also learn a routine with FOUR spectators and four envelopes and a prediction that matches all four outcomes.

This is a feature of Paul's act and can now be part of yours!

  • Special gimmick prop that does all the work
  • Special book for the Book Test
  • Download tutorial.
  • Extra items should you wish to use them.

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