NO BAG FORCE by Gonzalo Albiñana and Crazy Jokers - Trick

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Imagine having all the advantages and possibilities of the change bags. Also, of the traditional forcing bags, only without having to use any bag, no clothing restrictions, no complicated mechanism... absolutely nothing, just your two hands in the bowl. Imagine being able to control the process and the result 100%, every time, no mess, no failures.

Imagine that you put your hands in and take out a few, which they can see clearly. Imagine that someone picks one up at random. Now, the stage curtain opens, to reveal hundreds of balloons inflated with the same color. Imagine someone hands you a sheet of newspaper, and you start tearing, very neatly, everything into pieces. Imagine someone picks one out - maybe a word, maybe a picture, maybe a headline? Now you could reveal it as a burnt sum, as a giant banner, with a tattoo, in a giant graffiti, in a hot air balloon, go crazy!

Imagine any kind of prediction, maybe in smaller formats, a few simple Post It, some coins, some candies, handkerchiefs, ballots... You can use no bag in any format, for any kind of magic, in any situation.

The method is very simple and practically invisible.

The method is a new method, not explored before.

It can be adapted to almost any element or idea, and there are proposals and solutions for multiple outputs, results, options... Anyone can use it, in any condition.

In the tutorial, you will learn about the history of change and forcing bags, about how to make and adapt your No Bags, handlings and more than 40 ideas and routines with balloons, confetti, paper, bills, envelopes, chips, coins, photos... a lot of years of working with this ingenious prop.

No Bag has a lot to offer... enjoy it!

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