Nightmare Page by David Alnwick and the 1914

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Solid, direct, unique and powerful; The Nightmare Page will fit in any pocket or wallet, allowing you to perform impressive demonstrations of mind reading for up to four spectators at a time. It's the ideal companion for intimate gatherings and grand performances alike.

The Nightmare Page is the ingenious creation of David Alnwick, a renowned full-time stage performer. Crafted to perfection for his sold-out Edinburgh Fringe shows, this one-page wonder is your key to authentic-feeling mind reading demonstrations both on and off the stage. (It translates perfectly to close-up environments with equal impact.)

Your spectator chooses a word from the page. Without asking for letters or fishing for clues, you immediately begin describing their chosen word with uncanny accuracy. But the real kicker? When they believe the effect is over, you floor them by revealing the exact word they ALMOST thought of!

At its core, The Nightmare Page uses a fresh and exciting concept aptly titled the Alnwick Principle. With a little imagination, your mind will be buzzing with many more applications. Although the page is in English, the principle transcends language barriers, allowing for effortless adaptations into any language.

The Nightmare Page is the ideal everyday carry for the modern mystery performer. There are no repeated words, no progressive anagrams and no fishing. Perform it multiple times on the same group of spectators and get completely different outcomes.

The 1914 specialise in mentalism tools that seamlessly integrate into your daily life for casual and professional performances. The Nightmare Page stands as one of our finest offerings, destined to become a staple in your mind reading repertoire.

Pick up The Nightmare Page today to unleash the power of a single piece of paper!

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