New York Coin Magic Seminar DvD Volume 11 David Roth

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‘Workers’ says it all. Volume 11 cont'ains thirteen routines which can fit into the repertoire of any working performer. There are no pipe dream methods or troublesome angles. Everything here is designed to be performed under the conditions that professionals face every day. David Roth also has a useful discussion on the open servants, its uses and advantages.

The Wishing Well (Rubinstein)
The Tallahassee Jumping Coins (Rubinstein)
Deja Vu Coin Vanish (Rubinstein)
Okito Rocks (Gallo)
The world Famous Two Coin Trick (Gallo)
Coins to Cup (Roth)
Chop Stick Wild Coin (Roth)
Three Coin Vanish (Roth)
Deep Palms Coins Across (DeCamps)
Two Coin Classic (Brewer)
Nickle Head (York)
Differences (Robinson)
Money Doesn't Grow On Trees (Citino)


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