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Over the past decade, N2G has consistently produced high-quality coin props, delivering exquisite and durable ancient Chinese coin props to magicians around the world, and has received praise from them.

On the tenth anniversary of N2G's arrival in the world, we proudly introduce a new coin prop - N10

The N10 is definitely a coin magic effect you've never seen before. A mini coin and a regular sized coin are very visually integrated, which is a magical visual miracle.

This magic effect can even occur in the hands of the audience, so it is highly visual.

You can also perform this miracle in reverse by visually removing a small coin sealed in a regular size coin. This is a magical scene like Houdini's escape.

The N10 includes a special coin, a regular size coin, and a mini coin you need for your performances, as well as a special gimmick to make your magic cleaner.

High quality coins, and online instructions. What are you waiting for? Come and experience the legend of this decade.

Don't miss - N10!

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