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MARVEL: Step into MARVEL'S Multiverse of Magic Set featuring BLACK PANTHER.

Each of our MARVEL magic sets is packaged inside a deluxe quality oversized storage box with a comic book look and incredible MARVEL character art making it a true collector's item. Secured with a magnetic cover, MARVEL magic kit & accessories stay together for safe keeping and easy storage.

  • BLACK PANTHER collectible mini figurine;
  • BLACK PANTHER magic playing cards specially crafted and known as an "Invisible Deck."
  • "Technology Chamber"- allows you to restore & vanish objects;
  • "T'Challa Escape"- watch a "Vibranium" ring penetrate through a solid shoelace;
  • "Coin Penetration"- "Vibranium" daggers penetrate through a solid BLACK PANTHER collectors coin;
  • "Teleportation Tube"- objects vanish; Book of Secrets.
Fantasma's MARVEL Multiverse of Magic Set kit has been developed by top professional magicians I.B.M.

Endorsement: Fantasma's MARVEL Multiverse of Magic books are endorsed by the I.B.M. The International Brotherhood of Magicians is the world's largest magical organization. This is a non-paid endorsement.

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