Mr WAND (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Mr. Daba - Trick

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Introducing "Mr. Wand": The Enchanting Animated Companion for Kids' Magic!

"Mr. Wand" brings enchantment to life with its animated mouth, adding a touch of wonder to your tricks and captivating young audiences with its surprising movements. This lovable wand isn't just a prop - it's a versatile tool that can even be used for ventriloquism, enhancing your performances in delightful ways.

With its user-friendly design, "Mr. Wand" is perfect for both beginners and experienced magicians, effortlessly creating moments of pure delight and wonder. Whether you're weaving stories or captivating your audience, "Mr. Wand" becomes an integral part of your act, bringing magic to life in the hands of kids and adults alike.

From parties to school events, "Mr. Wand" helps you create unforgettable moments that young audiences will cherish. Elevate your magic performance with "Mr. Wand", crafting experiences filled with enchantment and joy that resonate with kids' imaginations.

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