Morgan Replica Magnetic Scotch and Soda - Trick

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The magician slowly displayed two coins, one silver and one copper, which were clearly placed in the audience's hand. The audience clenched the hand into a fist and reopened it. The copper coins magically disappeared from the audience's hand and appeared in the magician's pocket.

This is the classic coin magic prop, the Magnetic Scotch & Soda.

N2G has dedicated his own version - S&S - with his top-notch coin craftsmanship as always.

S&S adopts Morgan & Copper coins for production, which are suitable for manipulating magic techniques and are of appropriate size, making them eye-catching in various performances.

S&S adopts a magnetic locking system. With exquisite craftsmanship, magic can safely occur in the hands of the audience. And it allows the audience to check the coins in their hands.

S&S is not only a complete set of coin props, but also a heartfelt handicraft. Don't miss it.

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