More Diverse Deceptions by Richard Osterlind - Book

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More Diverse Deceptions carries on in the tradition of the first book. This one is even bigger and filled with incredible effects and general performance information for all professional mentalists! Keep reading as there is one effect in particular that is worth its weight in gold!

Contents include:

Mindreading Extraordinaire - A new application of a traditional principle that is about as direct demonstration of ESP as is imaginable! Spectators write thoughts and seal them up in envelopes and you read their minds without ever touching them! They can take the sealed envelopes home! This is a utility idea with all kinds of variations possible.

Five Star Prediction Revisited - Richard's handling of the Koran routine he has been using for over 40 years. This is time-tested, can be repeated, and is suitable for stage, close-up and trade shows. Best of all, it looks like an incredible demonstration of thought control. There are general performing tips galore here!

Stage Opener - The mentalist walks out on stage and immediately stuns the audience without anyone coming up or any unnecessary moves. This is Richard's version of the Swami Opener done with maximum visibility and which covers every performance phase learned over a lifetime a performing it. Stage Opener will establish you as a remarkable person within two minutes of beginning your act!

Osterlind's Blindfold Act - This is Richard's actual act for the standard blindfold routine. Although Richard developed the Legacy Blindfold for just this purpose, you don't need it to perform the act. (If you do have one, so much the better!) Everything about this act makes sense and you will marvel at the logic and the impossibility of it. It really looks like what a blindfold routine should look like!

Numerical Book Test - This is a very entertaining variation of a prediction book test with a surprise kicker at the end your audience will love. Have you ever been approached before a show with the request, "It's John's birthday today. Can you work that into your act?" With this test, you are always prepared to handle that and other requests like it in a beautifully constructed routine!

Osterlind Blindfold Drive - This is the pièce de résistance of the book! Richard has been featured twice on Japan's top television shows performing this routine! It is the perfect blindfold drive! Everything is ungimmicked, you can be scrutinized from inches away, the blindfold is layers upon layers of material, and yet you can see! This secret is literally worth thousands of dollars to the performer! This is, by far, the most professional way to do a Blindfold Drive! The method can be used, of course, for other purposes, but it was designed to be a staggering publicity stunt! It has proven to be just that for Richard for over 30 years!

Bert Reese Routine - As if all this was not enough, Richard gives his final work on the Bert Reese routine. With nothing but a few small cards or pieces of paper, you are able to do what is perhaps the most remarkable demonstration of mind-reading ever conceived! Reese performed for presidents, kings, and celebrities his whole life. He convinced Thomas Edison he had psychic powers! This is his act with tips and updates that Richard has developed and used for modern audiences around the world. If you have his Annemann DVDs, you know how strong this act already is. Now you can get the "real work" to see how he has taken it even further! Anyone can now do this act anywhere!

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