MOON WAVE by Victor Sanz and Agus Tjiu - Trick

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A card impossibly vanishes slowly and visually mid-air!

Victor Sanz finally releases one of his best keep secrets of this last decade: MOONWAVE, brought into reality with the knowledge and talent of Agus Tjiu, creator of the best seller LEAP. Since 2014, Agus Tjiu has refined and redesigned the prototypes that Victor has created and the result is unbelievably mesmerizing.

MOONWAVE is inspired by Daniel Madison's beautiful card vanish called HALF VANISH. When Victor saws this move, it immediately caught his attention, and he sought to bring it to the next level.

In this project you will not only learn one of the most visual and smooth vanishes that you have ever seen, but you will also learn a FULL ROUTINE that gives meaning and context to the vanish.

As a BONUS EFFECT, Victor will teach you an impossible static levitation of a playing card using the very same MOONWAVE gimmick.

Key points:
  • No magnets
  • No threads
  • No loose pieces
  • Gimmick 100% customizable to any poker size design
  • Slim and durable gimmick made with high quality material, just add it to your deck and you are ready
MOONWAVE comes in a beautiful acrylic package.

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