Molten (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Morgan Strebler - Trick

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"Nothing melts minds like Molten." - Jay Sankey

"Molten is for those who want to take their PK Magic and dial it up to 11." - Dan Sperry

"Amazing reactions!" -Uri Geller

Borrow a glass bottle from a spectator and pour out any remaining liquid. Then, without any unnatural movement, begin to alter the physical properties of the bottle by simply rubbing it with both hands. As you complete the dramatic transformation of the bottle, the audience realizes it is now permanently distorted.

There are VERY few effects, if any, I've performed over the past decade that have garnered stronger reactions than Liquid Metal. However, MOLTEN has generated the most outrageous spectator responses I've ever witnessed. 

I believe the audience perceives MOLTEN to be so "impossible", so "clean" that the only possible, rational explanation is, "It has to be real magic!" 

By far, this is my favorite offering released to the magic community. -Morgan Strebler

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