Easy to Master Card Miracles (Gimmicks and Online Instruction) Volume 9 by Michael Ammar - Trick

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Michael Ammar's Easy to Master Card Miracles is the best-selling card series ever produced in all magic. Why? Michael has sorted through thousands of effects to bring you only the strongest, most powerful card magic available. All Magic taught in this course is easy enough for the beginner, yet, strong enough to be included in any professional repertoire. His clear and concise teaching only add to the personal experience you will receive as he guides you through each move to ensure your success.

Each volume contains ten classic effects, performed before a live audience, multi-camera angles are used during all explanations.

Volume 9 Contains:
  • Open Production
  • 4 Card Reverse
  • The Visitor
  • Impromptu, 1/2 Deck, OOTW Plus
  • Vacuum Cleaner Cards
  • Fists of Frost
  • All the Non-Conformists
  • Deception Perception
  • 21st Century 21 Card Trick
  • Socrate's Cards to Pocket
  • The 110 lb Card Trick
  • Triple Prediction
  • Bonus Gift: FREE deck of Bicycle Brand Playing Cards

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