MAGIC MISMADE BILL (USD 5 Dollar Bill) by Diamond Jim Tyler

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This looks like a bill turned inside out.

DJT offers $1, $5, $20 & $100 bills.

To make a "genuine mismade" one has to buy sheets of real bills from the Treasury and cut out this odd bill. The uncut sheets are expensive and you lose all the bills around the outside border. This means "genuine mismade" bills are very pricey.

DJT had these special printed and the serial numbers match.

Most skilled magicians know how to borrow a bill and turn it inside out, but if not, DJT teaches a basic bill switch when purchasing his magic mismade money.

Because of the low price, for the first time ever, it's affordable to give them away as mementos.

Note that while they do look great they do feel like the are printed on regular paper.

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