Mis-Indexed Court Cards (LIGHT) - Pack of 12 by Steve Dela - Trick

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A card is named by your spectator and it matches your prediction, the single card that you keep in your wallet!

Set Up:

You will need a wallet that you can hide all six cards in. Place your cards inside in an order that you can remember. This is so that you can access the "named" card without fumbling around.

A great combination is Alakazam's Stealth Assassin wallet with the folded LIGHT cards spread out in the index section.

It is however super easy to hide 6 folded cards in just about any wallet because you can fit 'two folded cards' in a horizontal card slot behind a credit card! Stick a third card (folded) on top of the same credit card but hidden behind the leather and now you have hidden 3 cards... repeat that in another slot and you're all set to go.


Place your wallet on the table.

"Inside my wallet I keep my lucky playing card... In a moment I am going to have you select a card, however it shall all be done in your imagination. Please take hold of these."

Mime handing over an invisible pack of playing cards.

"This pack of cards is invisible, this is why you need to use your imagination... When you spread through the cards in your hands and mind, you will notice that the deck is split into two, please hold half the deck in each hand (saying the word 'half' makes it sound as if there are more picture cards than there are, its subtle, but it works) In your right hand you are now holding all of the picture cards, The Jack's, Queen's, King's etc... and in your left hand you're holding all the number cards, the Ace's, Two's, Three's etc.
I am going to count down from 3 to 1 and then you are going to hand me back either ALL of the picture cards, or ALL of the number cards... 3...2...1"

They will now hand you either pack... It is from here that you decide how to continue in a way that makes them believe they have selected the keep the picture cards.

"Which have you handed to me?"

If they say the picture cards...

"The picture cards, I'm going to spread all of these cards face down on a table (invisible table - mime doing this) all the jack's queen's, king's and every suit, spades, hearts, clubs diamonds, are here in a random order... think carefully and select any one that you like."

They mime selecting a card.

"Which card have you chosen?"

They say Jack of Spades (of course they can name ANY picture card).

"Out of 52 choices you have landed on the Jack of Spades, Do you remember me saying I have a lucky playing card?"

Without saying another word, I slowly pick up the wallet reach inside and grab the folded card which I know is both the black jackss (Spade & Club). I spot the markings on the back so that I know how to open it in order cover up the 'club' index with my fingers. I show the card to be the Jack of Spades. Everyone goes crazy and the effect is complete!

The only difference to the end of this is if they hand me the number cards... If so, I say...

"So you have kept hold of all the picture cards, now please imagine in front of you is an invisible table, please spread all the cards face down on it and give them a mix up."

Now as I am sure you can imagine, you carry on just as written above.

This is such a powerful routine and is something I perform almost every day.


Steve Dela

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