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• The Secrets of Science that Amaze Like Magic!
• Over 75 Science Experiments that support National Core Curriculum.

STEM Learning!

Through the laws of Physics understand the SCIENCE behind this Diffraction Mystery Tank. Just adding water causes refraction of light, which then reveals a secret image! 

Use the forces of TECHNOLOGY and perception to Read your friend’s mind! Merge real time with tech to wow friends!

Through clever ENGINEERING discover how Milk from this seemingly ordinary Glass disappears! Learn how this simple engineered design creates other incredible magic too!

Mirror anamorphosis is a distorted parametric surface requiring the viewer to use observational vectors to reconstitute the image. In other words, we use math to turn a weird picture into something you might recognize!

• Secrets of Science Instruction Book and entertaining instructional videos. 
• New Anamorphic Mirror with images to reflect, includin

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