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The magician presents a small wooden block with a sharp spike protruding from it. The audience is invited to examine the spike carefully before it is placed in one of four identical paper bags. The bags are then mixed up and shuffled by the magician or the audience.

In one version of the routine, the magician plays a game of chance, trying to avoid the bag containing the spike by tapping his hand on the other bags. After three tense attempts, the magician triumphantly discovers the spike in the remaining bag. Alternatively, the routine can be presented in a mentalism style, where the magician predicts or influences the audience to select the three safe bags, and the magician immediately slaps the bags after each truly free selection by the audience, leaving the bag with the spike.

The Mini Roulette comes in a compact box measuring only 110mm x 93mm x 35.7mm and contains all the necessary items for this exciting routine. It includes paper bags, four wooden bases, and two spikes. Designed specifically for close-up performances, the Mini Roulette provides an intimate and engaging experience for the audience. It is easily portable in a convenient bag for a seamless performance wherever you go.

Safety is a top priority with the Mini Roulette. The Nail Roulette routine is known for its inherent risk, and anyone can search "magician fails" on YouTube to witness the dangers involved. Magician Terry Chou has meticulously designed this prop with practical handling and safety measures to ensure that the performer and audience have complete freedom of choice, yet are 100% safe throughout the routine.

Crafted from sturdy and durable North American black walnut, the Mini Roulette is of exceptional quality. It comes with two stainless steel spikes for a variety of performance options.

With over 20 years of international popularity, the Mini Roulette offers a professional magic routine that has been tried and tested. It guarantees over five minutes of captivating stage time while prioritizing the safety of both the performer and the audience.

  • A classic routine with over 20 years of international popularity.
  • A mini version designed for close-up performances, creating an intimate experience.
  • 100% risk-free, allowing the magician or the audience to make truly free choices without compromising safety.
  • Exquisitely crafted from North American black walnut and stainless steel spikes.
  • Includes 40 paper bags measuring 15cm x 9cm, ensuring an ample supply for multiple performances.
  • Four wooden base
  • Two spikes
    The above items are contained in a compact North American Black Walnut box that can be used to introduce the props into the performance.
  • Forty paper bags
    The paper bags will come along with the set, and four of them can be placed in the compact box before each performance. The paper bags are also available separately as refills.

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