Mental Chips by N2G and Kaifu Wang (Color Version) - Trick

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Welcome to a clever new concept in mentalism - Mental Chips by N2G and Kaifu Wang

The magician placed twelve colors of chips on the drawing board, and the front and back of each color of chip were exactly the same. The audience randomly chooses a chip and flips it over. The magician empties and recycles all the chips into a bag, and can guess the color of the chips chosen by the audience and write it on the drawing board.

This is a novel method for obtaining information chosen by the audience. No markings, no electronic devices, no assistants. The front and back of the chips are really identical, and the audience can carefully inspect them.

The handling is simple and the effect is direct. This is a truly magical trick.

You will receive a storage bag, drawing board, and all chips. The moment you open the packaging and start using it, you will realize the ingenuity, cunning, and power of this principle. Completely self working, but able to deceive the smartest people.

This is the mental power of Mental Chips.

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