Mechanic Optricks (Red) Deck by mechanic industries

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Prepare to enter a whole new realm of card magic possibilities with the Optricks Deck (Red Edition).

After the original Optricks Deck completely sold out, Mechanics Industries went back in the studio to create a gaff deck that would be better than anything else on the market. The result is the stunning Optricks Deck (Red Edition). This deck of cards features the most mind-boggling assortment of gaff cards we’ve ever seen. With the included free tutorials, any magician from novices to professionals can learn amazingly creative routines that unlock the full potential of these innovative playing cards.

Be prepared to create insanely powerful magic illusions such as:

  • Flip-book animations
  • A new anamorphic twisting effect
  • OptiBox (empty box)
  • Pulling a coin out of a playing card with the bonus double-sided Grinder Coin gaff with enhanced visuals.

Watch the video to see the Optrics Deck (Red Edition) in action!

Every Optricks Deck (Red Edition) is printed on premium Bee stock with an air-cushioned finish by the United States Playing Card Company to ensure top quality, long-lasting functionality.

Card stock: Regular
Card finish: Magic
Printed by: USPCC
Box seal: Yes
Custom faces: No
Includes a double-backer: Yes