John Anders Make It Easy Balls (Red) - Trick

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Leo Smetsers did it again! He created the perfect silicone balls for all your cups and balls routines. The balls are a bigger version of the magnificent LS Peas, that were especially designed for use in the three-shell game.

What makes these balls perfect? Well, here we go. The balls look beautiful and have the perfect size for any cup that you want to use. They are medium soft and enable a great firm grip. The balls won't roll too far during performance, so they will stay on your working table or close-up mat. Furthermore, you can do the most convincing slow motion vanish with these balls. Once you learn this simple vanish, you will never have to use any other vanish anymore. These balls are also excellent for use in other routines, like the 'three ball routine'. Once you feel how these balls automatically cling to your fingers, you will never leave home without them!

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