Magic Wishing Coins Antique Silver (12 Coins) by Alan Wong - Trick

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Magic Wishing Coins are back again and now in US dollar size 38mm diameter and 1.2mm thin with milled edges.
These are great palming coins for manipulation, perfect for miser's dream or pulling a coin out of someone's ear. The value of this coin is ONE MAGIC WISH. When you magically produce a magic coin from thin air, it comes with the power to give someone a magical wish.

On the other side is an original radiating Lucky Star design with seven embedded stars inspired by a mystic crop circle pattern first sighted on July 6, 2003 at Avebury in U.K. Surrounding this powerful image it reads MAY YOUR WISH COME TRUE around the edge of the coin.
The coins are electroplated and made of steel so that they can be attracted by a magnet. This will give you a lot of advantage and possibilities! Just put a magnet in your pocket and the coin will stick to your pants, elbow or anywhere you like!
Imagine to palm 16 of these large size coins easily in one hand and they are still under 2cm thick! Maximum load for miser's dream with minimum effort!

Now comes with a dozen (12 ) Magic Wishing Coins in a durable nylon drawstring bag.

Available in Silver, Gold and Antique Silver colors finish (3 options)

You will always have the power to grant someone a magic wish!

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