MAGIC MIND (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Erlich Zhang & Bacon Magic - Trick

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  • Six core functions: initial, memory, expert, search, gambler, ESP
  • Intelligent close-up magic device, suitable for cards, coins, and other small objects.
  • Superb computing power, quickly acquires card information, records multiple audience card selections.
  • Compatible with various playing cards.
  • No need for memorization with four built-in card stacks, and magicians can customize their own card stack.
  • Compact and portable, remote control operation.
  • Feature-rich, suitable for a wide range of magic performances.
  • Tested in the market for a long time, sturdy and durable, accurate system display.
In 2018, renowned magician Erlich Zhang led the Bacon Lab team on an exploration. In 2021, Bacon Magic officially launched "Magic Mind" in China. In 2023, after rigorous refinement, "Magic Mind 2.0" finally presents itself in a more powerful form.

Magic Mind 2.0 is a modern magic product that blends cutting-edge technology with traditional skills. It's a convenient, compact, and highly practical magical accessory.

It can not only recognize the number of playing cards but also display their suits, locate specific cards, and even remember the cards chosen by the audience on behalf of the magician.

The first generation of Magic Mind was sold in China for about two years. Following an extensive collection of feedback from magicians regarding their user experiences, Magic Mind 2.0 has preserved the six most highly favored features while boosting the CPU processing power. It's now controlled via a remote control, resulting in a substantial improvement in the practicality and ease of operation of the device. This enhancement provides magicians with increased autonomy and versatility in their use of the equipment.

Regarding its functionality, there are six distinct modes available, which include:

Initial Mode: which provides fundamental card information.
Memory Mode: capable of recording the cards selected by as many as five audience members.
Expert Mode and Search Mode: both providing detailed card data.
Gambler Mode: which calculates and displays dealt card contents.
ESP Mode: used to identify quantities of items beyond playing cards.

In terms of operation, Magic Mind 2.0 offers greater flexibility. It not only supports multi-stage card cuts but also seamlessly integrates data input into this process. Even without using the remote control, you can input the data you desire. The combination of "instant return to zero" and bidirectional recognition capabilities enables magicians to adapt to a broader spectrum of performance environments.

On the system side, recognition algorithms have been optimized to minimize data fluctuations. A completely new data retrieval method enables magicians to switch freely between all modes.

In terms of stacks, Magic Mind 2.0comes with default support for four common card stacks and allows magicians to define one set of card stack according to their needs. In addition to playing card, you can define an additional five special items for quantity recognition.

Magic Mind 2.0 makes it easier for you to deliver even more spectacular magic performances.

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