Magic With Electronics by Julio Caso de los Cobos Fidalgo - Book

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If you have always wanted to perform magical effects using electronics and you never knew where to start, since you thought that this subject was very difficult and also you could not find any book where you could learn in a clear and simple way, you have found the solution.

The book you see below is the fruit of many years of work, development, testing, error and research. It is written by a wizard who loves technology and is also an industrial technical engineer specializing in electronics.

Is this book for me?

Do you want to learn how to create magical effects using electronics in a simple and clear way?

Do you want to acquire information on existing technology, to know what you can use for the magical effects you have in mind?

If you answered yes to these two questions, this is a book for you.

What does this book contain?

The book begins with the creation of an APP so that you yourself can create a QR code reader on your mobile device. Don't be scared, you'll see how simple it is. It continues with a description of different electronic components and their application in various basic projects so that you understand how they work and how to use and program them.

More than 15 projects that you can carry out are described later, with which you will establish a broad knowledge of electronics, programming and the technology that surrounds us.

All this explained in a very clear way and in full color, so that you know without any doubt, what to connect where. QR codes are included for videos, so you can see the explanation of the projects exposed in a simple way, without technicalities or hassles. QR codes allow you to watch the videos comfortably on your mobile device as you read the book.

Access to a private part is also included on the author's website, with information on where to buy all the components used in the projects, so that you can buy them in stores like Amazon or Aliexpress, for example.

On this website you can download the files that contain the programming of the projects, so that making the projects is super fast and watch the videos of the book plus the videos that will be added, since the book is going to be continually added to.

Finally, and also very useful, you will have access to a private group, where everyone who has bought the book will have support to ask questions and share ideas.

What is the purpose of the book?

With the book I try to give the reader a broad and practical knowledge of the technology that exists today. That knowledge will be acquired by reading the descriptions of the components that are used, carrying out the projects that are described, all explained in the book and in the videos.


If you want to let your imagination fly and bring to reality any idea you have with electronics, this is your book.

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