LinkCard RED (Gimmicks and Online Insruction) by Mickaël Chatelain - Trick

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It exists so many versions of linking cards, some of them are totally unrealizable or uses hard handlings.

Today, we propose to you the most cleanest version you have ever seen, with just 2 playing cards!

Perform this amazing effect in front of your spectator, by enclosing 2 cards just in front of spectator's eyes... At the end, without any change you can give cards to examine and even as a souvenir... nothing to see!

Mickael created so simple and efficient gimmick that even a 8 years old kid can perform it in few minutes!

Perform with family, friends, on social media or in a party, every where... this is the best trick for you in summer!

Comes with gimmick and online instruction, it's ready to perform.

Available in red and blue.

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