LIMITED EDITION Gold Dollar/Quarter Scotch and Soda

LIMITED EDITION Gold Dollar/Quarter Scotch and Soda

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"THIS IS THE BEST SCOTCH AND SODA YOU CAN BUY! Extremely examinable, and organic!"-Fantasma Staff

 Sterling Magic High End Quality!

With Bang Ring

The MOST Popular Coin Trick in the World! Requires no skill and can be learned in 5 minutes.
We took the most used coin set used by amateurs and professional magicians and gave it a spin.

We have used one dollar gold coin. The coin is gimmicked the same way and will change into a US Quarter with almost no effort.

The coins do all the work for you.
Put the Quarter and the $1 gold coin in your spectators hand.

Have them close their hand, and with a few magic words it is reopened, immediately the gold coin is gone and in its place is a quarter.

All coins can be examined after the trick.