LEGO FRAME by Gustavo Sereno and Gee Magic - Trick

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With Lego Frame you will be able to change a Lego image for another in an unbelievable way. The change is so impossible that you may not believe this is real Lego. BUT IT IS.

Lego Frame comes with 40 different templates/images to personalize your show. This is perfect for stage and parlor situations.

With Lego Frame you can do 3 types of effects:

1. Random image/change to the chosen one
2. Double revelation
3. Fail prediction/change to the correct one

  • You can show the back of the frame in the beginning and at the end of the performance;
  • You can insert Lego pieces in the beginning and at the end of the performance;
  • After the change you can take the Lego plate from the frame;
  • The resets takes less than 3 seconds;
The frame was constructed specially for the Lego plate but can be easily adapted to other materials: chalk board; white board; puzzles images; etc.

  • The Frame;
  • Lego pieces and the plates;
  • 40 templates;
  • Cloth;
  • Case to transport;

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