L Bell by Bacon Magic

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  • The standard version of L Bell only supports instant sound triggering by pressing the remote control.
  • Consistent sound intensity with both manual and remote control
  • Synchronized top striker action during remote control
  • Strong stability, rechargeable battery, convenient operation
  • Remote control distance approximately 8 meters
L Bell Remote-Controlled Electric Spirit Bell, created by magician Long Long and meticulously crafted by Bacon Magic. This bell is extraordinary, producing a crisp sound without the need for physical contact. In appearance, it resembles an ordinary metal desk bell, devoid of any peculiar "prop-like" features. Audience members can personally press the top of the bell's striker to produce a sound. Internally equipped with a remote control device, magicians can make it sound at any time without touching the bell.

Incorporate L Bell into your performance, allowing the audience to not only enjoy visual stimulation but also experience the magical moment through sound.

Special thanks to Electrick Sheep & GINJIRO from Japan for their inspiration of the first remote-controlled electric spirit bell released in 2012.

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