Obie O'Brien Kolossal Kolor Cards Parlor Size (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) - Trick

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This was likely Obie O'Brien's favorite creation. He performed it every time he was booked at a magic convention and at all his paid parlor and close-up shows. It is a quick in-the-hands packet trick using large cards and a surprise ending.

The routine begins as an observation test using four Queens of Clubs. After turning over one of the Queens you ask how many are face down? When they answer one, you make a magical gesture and show they are all face down. After turning one face up you ask again, only this time they are all face up.

This is where the surprises begin: You ask if they remember what color were the backs? They answer blue. You say yes. But is this the blue you remember? You turn the card to show a completely different blue back with spirals! You then show the other cards with red spiral backs, green spiral backs, and yellow spiral backs.

The cards can be easily reset for the next performance. Only sleight used is the Elmsley Count. The video tutorial features Meir Yedid teaching his handling and Obie O'Brien teaching his original routine.

Comes complete with specially printed parlor size Cards (3" x 4.5") and access to an online video tutorial featuring Meir Yedid and Obie O'Brien. Manufactured by Meir Yedid Magic.

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