Kaiju (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Tony Miller - Trick

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To the average spectator, most coins are simply shiny silver or copper discs. At best.

Haven't you wanted coins that have some distinctive color or pattern?

With most normal coins, finding matching gaffs is a challenge.

Don't you wish you could buy a set of unique coins that came with multiple gaffs?

Haven't you wanted a set of matched coins with gaffs at a reasonable price?

Kaiju Coins are here to say "PROBLEM SOLVED"!

Kaiju Coins is a TEN coin set of dollar sized coins with beautiful artwork and matching GAFFS. This set comes with three monster-themed coins, matching shells and double sided coins.

Included are routines to highlight these unique coins. Can you do all the normal stuff as well? CSB AND MANY OTHERS? Sure you can. But so much more!


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