Super Cup PERCISION (Half Dollar) by Johnny Wong (Gimmick and Online Instructions) - Trick

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PVSC, the latest from Johnny Wong in 2023, is a combination of coins and a metal cup. It is also the upgraded version of the previous Super Cup.

Johnny Wong has added a Coin Box-like multifunctional ingenious feature to the bottom of the original cup.

With PVSC performers are able to make two coins vanish, appear, penetrate, and switch( and more) at the same time. PVSC also enables any performer to present more sequences of routines and spectacular styles.

This is a perfect coin gimmick that is both brilliant and versatile.

If you are a fan of coin magic, don't miss this wonderful coin gimmick.

Includes: Johnny Wong's performance and tricks listed below.

1. Unique 3 coins metal cup penetration
2. Amazing 2 coins change
3. Super cup miracle routine
4. 2 half dollar change to any coins
5. Three time's switch

Idea by Johnny Wong

  • 1 x US half dollar special gimmicks
  • 1 x special metal cup (2023 new style)
  • 6 x special silver sticker for half dollar gimmicks
  • 1 x online instruction

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