JUST THE HOT KNIFE by Rodger Lovins - Trick

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Ok, you asked for it so here it is JUST THE HOT KNIFE!

We are only offering 100 of these for those who ask for just the single knife. When they're gone, they're gone! This knife has two matching stainless steel blades, brass liners and pins, nickel silver bolsters, and beautiful pearlized handles! Plus our "trademarked" deep etched thumb pulls are located on each side of the blades for an extra added subtlety. The slightly rounded shape makes the "paddle move" easy to perform and very deceptive. The blades are set deep within the frame as to not draw attention to them when "The Move" is performed. The size is 3 1/8 inches long, by ½ inch wide, so it doesn't take up too much valuable pocket space. This is not a cheap dollar store knife. The machine work is precise in every detail and the handles are absolutely beautiful. Please make sure to order yours today before they all vanish!

It comes with the knife, a soft felt carrying pouch and a link to video instructions on the handling and routine I use. Thanks to all who purchase our products!

WARNING: these blades are factory sharp! Be very careful!

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